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What the Industry Pros Say

Charles Band

Legendary producer of the Puppet Master, Trancers and Subspecies Series

"Danny Draven is THE renaissance film dude!"

From the moment he joined us at Full Moon Pictures at the ridiculously young age of 21, his love and dedication to the genre along with his uncanny ability to adapt to never-ending new technologies put him into a unique and very valuable category. Danny can do it all and he is super talented! He can craft a film for very few dollars and make it look like the budget was 10 times what was actually spent. It’s not because he is extremely technically proficient (which he is)—it’s because the love for his craft shines through and he is truly gifted. This is a terrific practical school for filmmaking from someone who doesn’t just write about it, but lives it every day.

Full Moon Features
Hollywood, California

Roger Corman

"Get a job on an indie--look around and learn."

See Danny Draven's full interview with Roger Corman in his book TALK YOU TO DEATH!


Director of over 150 films including Puppet Master 3, Sorority Babes, Dr. Alien, Creepozoids, and Grizzly Rage

"Roger Corman taught me efficiency, Charles Band taught me showmanship, Fred Olen Ray taught me tenacity, and Danny Draven taught me everything about Post-Production!"


"An amazing resource for all aspiring filmmakers in any genre!"


"... understands the post-production workflow... And since a great movie is worthless if you can’t get anyone to watch it, a complete overview of international film distribution. You’ll be shocked to learn what a distributor may demand in order to ”distribute your movie overseas..."


“Whether you’re a first-time filmmaker or an old pro, Danny Draven will likely show you scenarios to rattle your indie filmmaking bones or cause you to chuckle. No matter what your background..."



"A terrific new ‘How To’ for aspiring indie horror filmmakers. In fact, there’s a ton of great information packed inside making it a great go-to reference for anyone involved with indie production, not just horror. " (Filmmaker's Book of the Dead)



"...filled with tons of valuable information that will not only apply to horror fans, but to filmmakers across all genres working on a smaller budget."


Over 20 Years Making Movies Professionally

Film Producer / Director

Danny Draven

Danny Draven is is an award-winning writer, director and producer of primarily genre films & TV. After receiving his film degree from Emerson College, he moved to Hollywood and worked his way up through the ranks until he began producing and directing sci-fi/horror films for independent genre studio Full Moon Pictures (Puppet Master Series, Trancers) where he cut his teeth before starting his own production company, Lukan Pictures. He has edited over 100 feature films, including films for Lionsgate, NBC Universal's Chiller TV and the SyFy Channel. He has worked with and been mentored by Hollywood veterans such as Master of Horror Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator), legendary cinematographer Mac Ahlberg (Beverly Hills Cop 3, House), executive producer Mark Ordesky (Lord of the Rings Trilogy) and Criminal Minds executive producer Harry Bring (X-Files). He is also the author of three published books on genre filmmaking (The Filmmaker's Book of the Dead, Genre Filmmaking & Talk You To Death), a sought-after film lecturer (NAB Show, StoryExpo, etc.), a long-time member of the Producers Guild of America (Producer's Council). His horror film "Patient Seven" stars genre icon Michael Ironside (Total Recall, Scanners) and was a popular top 15 horror film on iTunes and has been praised by numerous critics, one calling it: "One of the greatest anthologies of the last decade." Draven continues to work on new film, TV and book projects full-time. His recent projects include producing the kid's Christmas fairy tale movie The Three Bears and The Perfect Gift coming the Christmas, and he just wrapped directing a new horror/comedy Weedjies: Halloweed Night for Full Moon Features as part of the Deadly Ten series of films, which was the first film in history to be entirely live-streamed during the production. Draven continues to produce and direct film/tv professionally.

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